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Upgrade your ADSL Modem Router with Routertech Firmware

This is a comprehensive tutorial for installing RouterTech Custom Firmware on your modem router.This tutorial is generic i.e. following this tutorial you can install the firmware on any routertech compatible router.This was made based on the documentation provided by RouterTech.org website. Lot of thanks to the Routertech Team.

RouterTech firmware is an open source Linux-based firmware for ADSL modem routers which have Texas Instruments AR7* chipsets.

Before you install you can take a demo of features supported by Routertech firmware here.

It supports routers from manufacturers like Dlink, Linksys, Acorp, Sofecom, Solwise & many more.See RouterTech Compatibility List for more. This list is identified by Routertech.org team.If your router is based on same chipset family there is a high possibility that your router supports the firmware even if it’s not listed (My Dlink GLB 502T router is not). Continue reading